Kyanite’s amazing blue

Kyanite is a material which has arrived on the gem scene during my lifetime, and dealers who buy cut stones in India have recently been offering a few stones, both cabochon and faceted. The stones vary quite a lot in quality, from translucent cabs with some cat’s-eye effect to fairly clean faceted stones.

The material has two hardnesses – in the direction of the crystal axis, it is only 4.5 – 5, whereas perpendicular to that axis it’s quite hard at 6.5 – 7. It must be difficult to cut.

Here is a pendant with a nice big one, showing the amazing blue colour – bluer than most sapphires, and without the yellowish-grey of Iolite.

kyanite pendant

Here’s a ring with a kyanite.

kyanite and lapis ring 03

and here’s a ring with a very nice one which I set in a lapis lazuli that I carved for the purpose. There’s an oval hole in the lapis which fits the oval of the setting. I used epoxy to fix it in place, but the two stones are set in the usual manner.

kyanite & lapis ring 02 kyanite & lapis ring 01

My friend Vadim, a stone dealer, is due back from India soon. He says he’s found me some nice ones. If I make something, I’ll post it here.


Vadim is back from India, and he brought me a beautiful kyanite, 9mm x 11mm, which I have popped in the scanner:



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