How to read Intricacy in sequence


Intricacy: A Meditation on Memory reads a bit like a blog – there are many short pieces on diverse themes – but there is in fact a narrative logic in it, and I think it’s worth reading in sequence.

Now, in putting it out on a blog, I have to defeat the blog’s temporal logic. Books start at the first page or chapter, and progress to the last. Blogs post the latest at the top, so that they read last-to-first.

Intricacy is divided into 10 parts. Each part is in turn divided into several sections of various lengths, and because the blog doesn’t have book-type pages, I have called each one of these a page.

In order to read the Intricacy section of this blog sequentially, I have provided page links at the bottom of each post. You’ll see them below in blue. They are pretty self-explanatory and are not a part of the blog’s interface.


Next Page

Part 1       Part 2     Part 3     Part 4     Part 5     Part 6     Part 7      Part 8     Part 9     Part 10 


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