The Sad Tale of Charles Augustus Brutus Clay

When Charles Augustus Brutus Clay
Received some spam one sunny say
He sat upright and read it through
(As I would not, and nor would you.)

It hinted that the site would send a
Polyurethane pudenda,
A hyperspatial virtual quim
To satisfy his every whim.

The silly fellow didn’t think:
He grasped his mouse, and clicked the link,
Not seeing that he might be cheated.
His C: drive was at once deleted.

He lost his poems, his mp3’s,
His folder full of Jpeg sleaze,
His spreadsheets, and his software too.
All disappeared into the blue,
And where he’d found his life before
He just got ERROR 404.

The moral of this tale is clear:
Be guided by advice and fear,
And rather leap beneath a tram
Than click on links in email spam.


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