Holidays were not extendible, but came to an end. This had its encouraging aspect, for it promised that everything passed. The light at the end was the end of school itself, the promised release into the world.

326 anton zorbaFor Lesley, the release from all the problems wrought by her marriage to Anton came a few months before my own final escape from school. Early in 1969, the combined strain of the entanglement with the von E’s, the mounting debts and the breakdown of their own relationship came to a head, and Anton put the farm on sale, auctioned all the worldly possessions which had accumulated there, and escaped everything by setting off for Athens, and thence to an island, to become Zorba the Greek. I was away at school when all this happened, so I did not have a chance to say goodbye to him; neither can I report on what feelings accompanied the abandonment of the leaky ship that had been their lives.

When all the selling of goods was complete, and the bookings secured, Lesley drove Anton down to Durban, had a final meal with him (they ate Indian), kissed him goodbye and watched him board the ship. It was the last she was to see of him: he never returned to South Africa.


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