A Ring with a Heart

Work in Progress: A ring with a heart

A client contacted me wanting a ring with a stone cut into a heart. Based on another ring on my website that she’d liked:

I did this quick brush sketch:


I had imagined a heart-shaped faceted garnet. She wanted a cabochon stone, and something more interesting than a garnet. Stones like that don’t grow on trees. In the end I remembered a piece of jasper that I found in the veld in the Northern Cape. I cut a heart and polished it to a nice silky finish:


The stone is fairly big:


Now I’ve carved a ring out of blue wax. The wax will be surrounded with plaster of paris and then melted away, leaving a cavity into which silver can be cast. I’ll have that done next week.

Here are some shots of the ring, with the stone in place. The blue wax doesn’t offer much contrast, so it’s quit hard to photograph.


I’ll post a picture of the ring when it has been cast, and then another of the finished item.

1 comment
  1. Heidi Marais said:

    Beautiful Mike, thank you for sharing.

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