WIP – A Dragonfly Brooch

I’ve been commissioned to make a dragonfly brooch. It’s a daunting task, as it has been done so often and (sometimes) so impressively – Notably by Rene Lalique.

I decided to focus on two of the things I find fascinating in these ancient insects – the magnificent sheen, often in blues and greens, and the interesting patterns on the wings.

Dragonfly brooch in progress.

Dragonfly brooch in progress.

I found a piece of labradorite which had the right colours and cut these stones.The cutting is done by hand using the rotary drill and small diamond discs, as well as other diamond tools (which I cadge off the dentist.) I polish using fine corundum paper and finish with a diamond paste.

I found photos of dragonfly wings and simplified them. As you can see above I then printed them out and epoxied them to a sheet of silver. They are drilled and then cut. I’m pleased to say I haven’t broken a blade while cutting this. When I was an apprentice, I would have broken dozens.

I’ll post a pic of it when it’s done.


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