Double Goddess Ring with Pietersite

I got a stone from Namibia, a pietersite. Pietersite is an interesting stone – it starts off its life as asbestos, and gets silicated – the fibrous blue asbestos being replaced by silica – becoming tiger’s eye. The tiger’s eye is then subjected to tremendous temperatures and pressures, becoming a fubarite version of tiger’s eye – the stone that was discovered by Sid Pieters in 1962 in Namibia (now also found in China.)

It’s impossible to photograph pietersite because of the way that it changes depending on the angle of the light. Flashes move across the stone resembling aurorae. Perhaps HD video could come close.

Nevertheless, here are two pictures of the stone:

IMG_8983 IMG_9031


With a dark sky and flashing aurorae, the stone said “night” to me. I had been thinking about the goddess Nyx (night) and posted a poem that I’d written based on an Orphic Hymn to Night. So I thought I’d represent her (in two phases, before and after midnight) on a ring. Here’s the result:

IMG_9034 IMG_9030

IMG_9037 IMG_9033

Nyx; ring, silver & pietersite

Nyx; ring, silver & pietersite

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  1. Wow. It’s beautiful. Love the design. Lush. And the backstory.

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