Some pics of the Muizenberg – St James catwalk

I love the catwalk that runs between the sea and the railway line from Muizenberg to St James. Here are some pictures from this evening’s walk.


On the one side the wild ocean, on the other the railway, then the thin strip of houses, then the wild mountain. Looking straight up, one can see the electric lines and cormorants coming home for the night.


At sunset the whole of False Bay is infused with pink that comes over the mountains and the sea is right there, a few meters away.


When the tide is right in or the swell is high, one has to dodge the spray from waves in a few places, and a mis-timed dash can result in a drenching.



There are usually fishermen with their rods and fishing apparatus. I’ve never seen one catch anything in fourteen years. “They’re getting away from their wives,” says my wife.IMG_0367

The subways under the line smell of piss, but are scoured out at spring tide.


St James tidal pool is usually a placid body of water filled with happy children. At high tides it becomes a bit more challenging:


Graffiti and the City’s desultory attempts to remove it or paint it over add charm to the rubble that supports the tracks:



The view towards Simon’s Town.



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