fish dream

fish dream

the youth has brought home
a long-horned sheep
he has tamed her with his scepter

the sheep dreams she is a fish
swimming unimpeded
in all directions
even upwards

a woman walks with her fingers
pointing down at her head
a passing gazelle turns
to glance at her

when an armed man
meets a bird
there is a matter of muscle
never of choice

unless the bird
is tree high

family   ibex   family
ibex    family
women    family

when an armed man meets
any member of the ibex family
he plunges his spear into its flank
the women’s hands rain tears

and when the man pierces
the ibex, the women dance
protection upon the family
and the men are all spears

the long-horned sheep
still dreams of the freedom of a fish
the men rain body fluid
in preparation for the slaughter

the father capers
his son has brought the sheep
tonight he will eat her dream

the maidens guard the well
all night    but the moon is
stolen anyway

on the plain the animals
start the long trek to the other side

the world is full of babies
children    women    men



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