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These rings were basically mammoth soldering jobs. I made a framework structure in silver wire, then decorated it with leaves and flowers. I only used hard solder. To achieve these, I cut some dies in mild steel and used these to stamp some three-dimensionality onto cut-out elements and melted blobs. It all took a while, but I think the results are worth it.


More foliage rings here:

Foliage ring: silver, lapis lazuli

Foliage ring: silver, lapis lazuli

Foliage Ring: labradorite, silver

Foliage Ring: labradorite, silver

I found a shard of crockery near Kalk Bay harbour. It depicted mostly foliage, but there were some structures in the one corner. Here’s a scan of it.

Scan 3


Not long after that I bought a lovely big oval lapis lazuli. The blue made me think of cobalt glazes, and I thought of the shard. I made this pendant, which has some faint reference to my find.

Pendant: silver, lapis lazuli

Pendant: silver, lapis lazuli

I got this glorious faceted Hessonite garnet from a dealer who goes to India. It’s big, slightly cloudy and very red. I used wax wire to make the ring. It didn’t all fill, and I had to rebuild a section of the ring after casting.

I carved this moon face from a turquoise cab that I bought. It looks like Iranian turquoise. The dealer got it in India.

I thought it would be nice for a blue moon. I carved the face using diamond bits that I cadged off the dentist, and polished it with diamond gel on felt buffs and bamboo points. I carved the ring in wax and had it cast.

More carved faces here.



Most nights, walking out of the back door
I can see the Southern Cross and Pointers,
Always differently tilted depending on
The time and the season. Not far away
The False Cross lurks. They are always
Sliding across the sky, circling clockwise.

Wherever they are, if I trace a line
In my mind through the long axis of the Cross
And, from the midpoint of the Pointers
Another line, and let these lines intersect,
They reach a point on a little circle that swirls
Around the dark South Celestial Pole,
Always in the same place, a halo
Over the peak of Mr Bonnema’s roof.

I got a set of inks for my birthday. The colours are nice and clear, and are waterproof once dry. An exercise in brushstrokes turned into in this:

A procession of little green men

A procession of Green Men: Ink on paper

The original is A3 size, so click on it to see it as it should be seen.