Some pics of my Father, Jack Cope

It’s Father’s day. Here are some pictures of my dad. Click to enlarge.

  1. Mandy O'Dell said:

    These pictures bring back great memories of Jack. I lived next door to your Father in Hitchin, England when I was a little girl and he remained a friend of my family until his passing. He once gave me a gold cross as a necklace which I believe you made. I have many of his books on my shelves and we will always remember him with great affection.

      • Mandy O'Dell said:

        I was searching the Web a few months ago for references to Jack and his work and found your blog. Have been receiving your posts for a while and enjoying your jewellery and writing! Seemed like a good time to say hi! 🙂

  2. Dalene de Vente said:

    Your father was a goodlooking man!
    When I was in matric a few years ago we read one of your father’s stories: ‘the boy and mr katz’ I loved it.
    Any idea where I can find it?

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