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Spring! Coming soon! My thoughts fly to Papkuilsfontein, the farm where we have spent so many happy spring days, and will again soon.

Here are a short poem and a picture, to give you an idea.

The system thinks its world

Tuned to sand, light, rain. Stay or flee,
feast, fast. Eyes, peering from dark hides.
Seven dassies watch us apprehensively.
Overhead and right, the harrier scans and glides.

Scats everywhere, tracks, paths not going.
Birds, insects, pollen fuzz,
flowers meet faceted eyes.
Wing-hum, landing after windy landing,
beckoning petals unfurled.
The system thinks its world.

Papkuilsfontein, 2013

Papkuilsfontein spring

Papkuilsfontein spring


The first of these is what I call a finger-shrine – a small piece of private space, on the body.

The second was inspired by the stone, which resembles the night sky with a few thin clouds. It made me think of the  planetarium that I visited as a child, which always gave me a feeling of awe.

Just in case anyone thought I had crossed over to minimalism – here are two rings that invoke architectural structures. I cut the stones from some little bits of rough that I had.