Monthly Archives: August 2016

Snapped in the fields below Kirstenbosch. Click on the images to see the insects bigger. Some of them are quite interesting. All different, all taken in one session within 100m of each other. There were lots more. As JBS Haldane observed: “If there is a God, he must be inordinately fond of beetles.”


I had some lapis lazuli and, since the Medicine Buddha, the Buddhist image of healing, is commonly imagined as lapis lazuli-coloured or even made of lapis lazuli, I thought I’d make an abstraction of his face for a pendant.


Medicine Buddha Pendant: silver, jet, lapis lazuli


I started out making the hair out of obsidian but the material was too brittle and liable to chip.


Work in progress. Lapis lazuli and obsidian.

So I found some jet (fossilised coal), and after a bit of fiddling about, was able to produce a form that satisfies me. The silver part was carved in wax and cast. I used epoxy mixed with jet dust for the seams.

Here’s the finished item, actual size:


Medicine Buddha Pendant: silver, jet, lapis lazuli


Medicine Buddha