Monthly Archives: November 2016

Some Big Chunky Rings:

All are large and fairly substantial.


Signs and glyphs in lapis lazuli

My idea was to create pieces which would provide striking colour and at the same time hint at another layer of meaning. I cut the stones myself.

I found some clear quartz in the scrap-box at the Scratch Patch. I made two rings using pillars of clear quartz backed with blue, black and white (lapis lazuli, jet and mother of pearl. Effectively they are very high doublets. The interest is generated by the way that the colours reflect inside the pillars.

Here are some rings which foreground the stones, and are designed to present colour on the hand.

The exhibition is on the 10th December in Muizenberg, Cape Town, South Africa. If you want to be on my invitation list, please contact me via the About page.