Images from a trip to some Greek Islands

We’ve been back from Greece for a month. In that time, I’ve been making some tiny paintings of things seen there, and some of the wonderful people we encountered.

So here they are. Each painting is 8cm x 8cm. They are done in watercolour and acrylics on paper. I’ll add new ones at the to


Icon. Panormitis Museum, Symi


Self-portrait as a tourist, Symi

Chora wall

Street in Chora, Patmos

Dead moto

Dead moto, Symi


Monk with shopping bags and umbrella. Panormitis, Symi

Katerina Mourati

Katerina Mourati, an artist from Patmos


Aphrodite, a sponge shop proprietor. Kalymnos.


Skafandros (diving suit), Symi.

Ferry reflections

Reflections as the ferry docks, Symi.

Hole in the Wall

Wall with hole, Symi.


Nicos Vassilaras, a jeweller and political activist from Rhodos

Panormitis rain

Rainy day. Panormitis, Symi.

Steps down Symi

Descending steps with washing machine, Symi

Cats Symi

Garbage cats. Symi

Storm Symi

Storm brewing. Symi


Theodoris Eleftherios, a poet from Kalymnos.

Reflections Kalymnos

Reflections, Kalymnos.


The Innocent. Patmos.


Lataris, a former sponge boat pilot from Kalymnos.

Version 2

Archway and window. Rhodos.


The Aegean.



Version 2

Chamomile coming up in the cracks, Symi.


Pizzeria, Symi.


Archway, Hora, Symi.

red boat

Red boat, Panormitis, Symi.

Panormitis doorway

Doorway, Panormitis, Symi.

Panormitis scaffolds

Doorway with scaffolding, Panormitis, Symi.

Lefteris Kamitsis


St George arch

Archway with tree, St George, Symi.

Blue steps

Blue stairs, Yialos, Symi.

Aegean Symi

Stony seabed, Symi.

door Symi

Doorway, Symi.

Chora Patmos

Square, Chora, Patmos

Dog Patmos

Dog with tusks, Patmos.

Blocked window

Blocked portal, Symi.



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