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The client asked for a bangle. R1500 – 2000. Chunky. Romantic. I could see that she thought R2000 was a LOT of money.
For me, it’s 5 hours at R400 – less than my plumber gets.
* Chunky – means, basically, a lot of metal. Silver costs money. These days I have to sell cast silver at R25/g to just cover costs. If there are say 60g of silver in the bangle, which would make it chunky, that’s R1200 off, leaving me R800 for labour. That must include designing, making the thing (say, in wax), taking it to town for casting and fetching it again, finishing and polishing.
* Romantic – a nice idea – it implies some sort of narrative or representation, and the craft and skills necessary to achieve this in metal.
I have no work at the mo, so I took on the job. I did it by modeling flowers in sticky wax, in a couple of hours. The casting was very expensive but came out well. 

A designer-jeweller may give the impression of someone who works with the stuff of wealth, but in fact it is a rather marginal job.

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A friend wanted a bangle to go with a garnet pearl clasp at her son’s wedding. I made this – carved in wax, then cast by lost-wax casting. I wanted something which would reference both a ring and a watch, as well as suggesting a container or separated space, which could hold anything (magic).

Bangle: Silver, garnet.

Bangle: Silver, garnet.