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Signs and glyphs in lapis lazuli

My idea was to create pieces which would provide striking colour and at the same time hint at another layer of meaning. I cut the stones myself.


Here are three thematically linked pendants where I used laminated stones to get pattern, and combined them with various patterns produced by the natural world.


Pendant: silver, mother of pearl, jet, agate


Pendant: silver, sodalite, jet, rutilated green quartz, rainforest jasper.


Pendant: silver, rhodonite, sodalite, fossilised trilobite


Three pendants with laminates and natural patterns

I had some lapis lazuli and, since the Medicine Buddha, the Buddhist image of healing, is commonly imagined as lapis lazuli-coloured or even made of lapis lazuli, I thought I’d make an abstraction of his face for a pendant.


Medicine Buddha Pendant: silver, jet, lapis lazuli


I started out making the hair out of obsidian but the material was too brittle and liable to chip.


Work in progress. Lapis lazuli and obsidian.

So I found some jet (fossilised coal), and after a bit of fiddling about, was able to produce a form that satisfies me. The silver part was carved in wax and cast. I used epoxy mixed with jet dust for the seams.

Here’s the finished item, actual size:


Medicine Buddha Pendant: silver, jet, lapis lazuli


Medicine Buddha

I really like angels, although I don’t ‘believe in’ them. This cabochon blue lace agate suggested the sky, and seemed to want an angel presiding over it.

It started as a quick sketch on a block of wax.


Outline of angel in wax.

And it the end I got this somewhat pensive angel. The head is about the size of a pea.


Angel Pendant: silver, blue lace agate



Angel Pendant, actual size